Volunteer Information

Here are some best practices for tending to the Tiny.

Farm Stand

  • Unpacking donation in boxes or shopping bags and arrange them on shelves. For most part, dry goods on the top shelf, produce on the middle, produce and/or plants on the bottom depending on what’s there.
  • Adding produce bags to that upside down juice bottle if needed.
  • Removing any rotten produce and scrap, and putting them in compost bin.
  • Breaking down any boxes and storing them in the box next to the patio shelves or on the top shelf if they’re not broken down. Stow any grocery bags in the bin on the top middle shelf.
  • Removing garbage, bagging it and leaving it on the top middle shelf.


Adding new books as needed from crates on shelves on the patio. Kids books, if available, go on the bottom shelf. Books for adults go on the top shelf. Adding new books to the left side of each shelf can help clarify if books have been there a while and need to be swapped out. When we get boxes of books donated, adding them to the stand or putting the box on the lower middle patio shelf.


Checking to make sure the fridge is running. Removing anything leaking or past expiration date. Wiping up any messes.

Supplies and Storage

The black wire shelving unit on the patio has things commonly used for the stand and storage for things removed from or waiting to go out to the stand.

  • Top Shelf: Cleaning supplies, extra shims, and boxes that aren’t broken down.
  • Top Middle Shelf: Produce and grocery bags.
  • Bottom Middle Shelf: More recent book donations, some may have been out on the stand before.
  • Bottom Shelf: Older books that have been on the stand multiple times that haven’t moved.
  • Next to the Shelves: Cardboard box for stowing broken-down cardboard boxes

Please sign up to volunteer on certain days and times.

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