Volunteer Information

The Tiny needs community support to keep going. Here are some ways you can help.

Farm Stand and Pantry

  • Unpacking donation in boxes or shopping bags and organizing them on shelves
    • Top shelf: dry beans and grains, canned food
    • Middle shelf: produce
    • Bottom shelf: plants (or produce if there’s more than can fit on the middle shelf)
  • Removing and composting rotting produce and scrap
  • Breaking down and recycling any boxes
  • Removing garbage


  • Checking to that the fridge is running
  • Removing anything leaking or past expiration date


  • Organizing books
    • Kids/YA on the bottom shelf
    • Adult on the top shelf


We’d love to connect. Please let us know what you’re interested in doing and when you’re available. If you make a regular visit, that would be great! Thanks!